Electric diamond core drilling machine


Compact, handy power tool for core drilling in concrete, steel-reinforced concrete, all kinds of masonry, natural stone, asphalt, all kinds of screed. With speed regulation. Dry or wet drilling, hand held or with drill stand. For trade and industry.

Concrete, steel-reinforced concrete up to Ø 162 (200) mm.
Masonry and others up to Ø 250 mm.
REMS universal diamond core drilling crowns, also for suitable drive machines of other makes

REMS Picus SR - Core drilling instead of chiselling.
Easy, fast, vibration-free, e.g. 200mm in steel-reinforced concrete Ø 62 mm in only 3 min. .
With speed regulation.
1 system - 4 applications.
Ideal for plumbers.

Operating instruction Picus SR (PDF)
Parts list Picus SR (PDF)



Steel case with insert 180600 R
 <br/>Steel case with insert <br/>Steel case with insert

REMS Picus SR Drive unit 183000 R220
 <br/>REMS Picus SR

Distancing piece Set 183632 R
 <br/>Distancing piece Set

Accessory: REMS Picus S1, S3, SR, S2/3,5 Accessories

Distancing piece Set 183632 R
 <br/>Distancing piece Set

Spanner SW 41 079003
 <br/>Spanner SW 41
 <br/>Hammer anchor M12, pack of 50
 <br/>Splaying anchor M12, pk of 10
 <br/>Quick clamping set 160

Grinding stone 079012
 <br/>Grinding stone

Accessory: REMS Universal diamond core drilling crowns

Accessory: REMS Univesal diamond core drilling crowns LS

Accessory: REMS Pull L / M

REMS Pull L Set 185500 R220
 <br/>REMS Pull L Set

REMS Pull M Set 185501 R220
 <br/>REMS Pull M Set

REMS Pull L Set W 185503 R220
REMS Pull L Set W

REMS Pull M Set D 185504 R220
REMS Pull M Set D